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Claudia Narváez-Meza, MFA, LCSW

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Claudia Narváez-Meza is a licensed clinical social worker with a private psychotherapy practice in New York City. Her expertise includes trauma recovery, family systems and relationship issues, fertility concerns, substance abuse and recovery, sexual and gender identity, spirituality, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and migration and acculturation challenges. She works with clients of all ages.

With over ten years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families, her work has encompassed supporting clients navigating grief, aiding children living with trauma, to helping families with complex relational dynamics. Claudia’s background is in family systems and trauma counseling, and her point of entry into the therapeutic relationship is highly informed by her experience with mindfulness based practices.

Claudia’s advanced psychoanalytic skills are enhanced by her ability to be a compassionate witness. She has been a successful guide for many looking to understand and make sense of difficult situations, and those who desire to create a stronger relationship to self and to others.

She is fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. Her office is located in Union Square.


Please do not hesitate to contact Claudia at or 718.673.9287 if you have any questions.


Psychology Today Profile for Claudia Narváez-Meza

Background and Education

Claudia Narváez-Meza, MFA, LCSW obtained her Masters in Fine Arts, Poetry and Creative Non-Fiction from Brooklyn College, and her Masters in Social Work from the NYU Silver School of Social Work.


Claudia has extensive experience in mental health services, ranging from the creative to the clinical. She has worked providing conflict resolution skills and trauma-focused CBT to female inmates from Riker’s Island, at the Coalition for Hispanic Families she engaged families in narrative and drama therapies to help them recover from community and domestic violence, and as a women’s counselor for the Violence Intervention Program she led arts-based support groups for immigrant women survivors of sexual violence.  She has led writing workshops with the Community Word Project, as well as integrated creative writing and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in her work as a Trauma Recovery Clinician with foster children at the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC). At The NYSPCC, Claudia served the needs of foster children and assisted their families through complex healing processes for six years before beginning her private practice in 2013.


Born in Nicaragua and raised in New York City, Claudia has a unique understanding of the struggles of various populations and finds some of her most fulfilling work when she is giving back to her communities. She has provided workshops for ACS (Administration for Children’s Services) workers on identifying stress, vicarious trauma, and methods of self-care.  At the Institute for Human Identity, Claudia worked closely to help individuals, couples, and families of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities create lives free from violence in affirmative, compassionate, and creative ways.


Her professional training includes an Externship in the Intensive Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program at the William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Psychology.  Additionally, Claudia completed The New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care – Foundations Program, where she offered spiritual care and counsel for the sick and dying and their families in the intensive care units of Beth Israel Medical Center.  Claudia is SIFI certified and has six years of experience in supervising and training social work interns.  Currently, she is completing advanced training in Family Systems work at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. At Ackerman, Claudia works with the Gender and Family Project, where she collaborates with other family therapists in facilitating support groups for parents of gender nonconforming and transgender children and adolescents.

How Can I Help?


Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

Asking for help can be difficult for many people. For individuals who are having difficulties with life transitions, couples who are looking to create safe and effective communication with each other, and families who are working to create new dynamics together, therapy can be a helpful choice.


Individuals, couples, and families who…


— are experiencing life changes such as career transition, relocation, marriage or divorce

— have difficulty creating safe, intimate relationships and have challenges with communication

— are dealing with financial hardships

— are impacted by past or current trauma

— have problems creating and maintaining intimacy

— are expanding their family through birth, adoption, or co-parenting after divorce or separation


… can benefit from collaborating with an attuned and empathic listener.

Therapy can be short-term or long-term, depending on preferences and circumstances. It offers a safe space to pause, experience, and examine areas in which one may wish to find better understanding and possibilities for change and growth.


LGBTQ individuals, couples, and families deal with similar stressors and issues as heterosexuals, but come from a unique perspective and experience. Struggles can include working through coming out, gender transition, dealing with familial and cultural differences, creating healthy and sustainable relationships, creating and navigating a family.


traumaTrauma Recovery, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress-Related Issues
Dealing with any of these issues may feel overwhelming, but there are techniques that are able to help individuals heal and recover from traumatic pasts and a depressed or anxious present. With guided therapy, cognitive-emotional-behavioral restructuring, and mindfulness practices, psychotherapy can bring relief, insight, and a deepened understanding of ourselves.


pen-and-notebookSupervision and Case Consultation
Claudia offers group supervision for LMSW’s and LCSW’s who are looking for an attuned supervisor to offer support, insight, perspective, and help them build their clinical skills.


Fees & Policies

Rates Per Session
$150 for 45-minute individual sessions.
$200 for 55-minute couples and family sessions.
$40 for 60-minute LMSW/LCSW group supervisions – must have at least five other participants.
Late cancellations that are requested without a 48-hour advance notice are charged the full cost of the session.


Sliding scale available for people who are experiencing financial hardships.


Out-of-Network Coverage

You may receive partial reimbursement from your insurance company if your plan covers services with “out-of-network providers.” Your monthly receipt for services can be submitted to the insurance carrier for reimbursement. Please inquire with your insurance company if this is applicable to you. When contacting your insurance carrier, please inquire the following:

— Does your plan cover “out-of-network outpatient mental health services”?

— What is your annual deductible and has it been met?

— What is your copayment per visit?

— What is the maximum number of sessions allowed per year?

— What is the “reasonable and customary fee” that the company uses as a basis for reimbursement? To determine the reasonable and customary fee, they may ask for the provider’s license type, zip code and the “CPT code.” The license type is LCSW, and office zip code is 10010. The CPT code for individual psychotherapy sessions is 90834, and 90847 for couples/family sessions.


HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices
In general, the law protects the confidentiality of all client/therapist communications. No information can be disclosed without prior permission from the client. There are some exceptions as required by the law: all mental health providers are mandated to report to the appropriate authorities situations of suspected child abuse, dependent adult, elder abuse, or threats of serious bodily harm to another person. An open and transparent conversation with the client will occur before any such measure is taken. The goal is to ensure safety.



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